Get High Performing Interactive Content, Made for You

We Make Interactive Content to Grow Your Business

Our team will create interactive quizzes, assessments, calculators, and visualizations that bring your business more qualified leads.


Let us worry about making your top converting content each month.

Every month, we’ll personally work with you, one-on-one to help double or maybe triple your revenue for the next 12 months.

Our team of Interactive Content Marketing Specialists will brainstorm your interactive content and even optimize and A/B test it over time to ensure your interactive content is bringing in the qualified leads and revenue you’re looking for. 

Month after month, you and your dedicated Kuia Interactive Content Marketing Specialist will review results and strategize to see what’s working and what’s not.



— Research

We use your customer and prospect personas, comb through data to research exactly what has and has not worked for you, and look at what your competitors are doing to find the gaps we need to make stand out interactive content. 

Even if you already have an idea of the content you want, your Kuia team will work with you to ensure it’s executed perfectly.



— Strategize

Creating engaging interactive content is fine, but making sure your content is built to meet YOUR goals and gets into the right hands is better. 

We don’t just make your interactive content and send you on your way. We make sure we your content is properly placed on your website, SEO friendly, and ready for social shares.


— Create

There’s nothing for you to do here. Just sit back and we will handle everything to make your interactive calculators, quizzes, and assessments a success. 

Want to gate your calculator results to get more leads? We’ll do that. Need an amazing image that will ensure high engagement? It’s done – all for you. 


— A/B Test

After we start seeing your leads pour in, it’s time for your Kuia Interactive Content Marketing Specialist to look over the data.

We will use your content’s analytics to create A/B tests that will help us squeeze more revenue, lead qualification data, and social shares out of the content we already made for you. 


— Optimize

Once your A/B tests tests are complete, we will make the necessary changes to optimize the content. 

You don’t have to wait on your team (or worse your developers) to iterate on changes for interactive content, we’ve got that all handled.


— Repeat

Now that we’ve learned what works, we will plan and create more content to drive your business goals. 

Every month you’ll have a team of experts using interactive content to grow your business on autopilot…without lifting a finger.


~$27,000 additional marketing generated sales pipeline from one quiz

Kontinue is in the highly competitive cybersecurity space.  It takes a lot to get the attention of our audience. After the onboarding meeting we were impressed with Kuia’s insights on our business, but we were over the moon about the quiz they created. We seriously didn’t expect this many leads on our first quiz. I guess that’s what happens when you make content your audience really wants!?

13% increase in landing page sign ups in first month

Our challenge was getting our leads to convert once they got to our landing page. We’ve A/B tested buttons, tested different landing page layouts and messaging, but never thought to build a calculator to push our leads to the finish line. I underestimated how much a silly calculator could increase our conversion rate. 


Ready to Grow Revenue?

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