We Make Highly Converting Interactive Content For You

We will create interactive assessments, calculators, quizzes, and visualizations that get your business more qualified leads, engage prospects, and boost revenue.

What if you could get 2X more sales, create 3x more content, and only send truly qualified leads to your sales team?

With Kuia, we can create and A/B test interactive content that helps you learn about your leads.
We can create engaging content for you, pass the insights we learn about the results, automatically send the leads to your sales team, and you will automatically see exactly how much revenue the interactive content we created generates in your CRM.

Get Leads

Use engaging, interactive assessments, calculators, charts, & quizzes to capture 2-3 times more leads.

Get Interesting Insights

Send a rich lead profile to your sales and marketing team to close sales faster.

Prove ROI

See what content is working with CRM & marketing automation connections.

Revenue-driven Marketers Use Kuia to Get...


Increase in Conversion Rate

Improve the conversion rate of your content


More Qualified Leads

Get qualified leads from the content you already make


More Social Shares

Let your interactive content drive shares and boost engagement

“A Kuia quiz landed us over a dozen leads… after embedding it in just one blog post. The responses also gave us insight into our target audience making follow up marketing a piece of cake.”

Brian Sun, Autopilot HQ

Know which leads are really qualified.

Long forms are a no-go. Name and email aren’t enough. Learn more about prospects from their quiz and calculator responses and pass that data to your sales team to help them focus on qualified leads.

Help close more sales, faster.

Arm your sales team with tailored content to close deals faster. Use assessments, charts, calculators, and quizzes to track how leads engage and send all that data to your CRM and marketing automation tool.

See how much money your content makes.

Forget vanity metrics. Track the leads and sales your content brings by connecting your CRM, analytics, and marketing automation tools. Now your sales and marketing team have a full-funnel view to see exactly how your content grows the bottomline.


Help prospects work out scenarios & use their inputs to understand them better.

It’s easy to create calculators that help your leads answer…

  • How much should my content marketing budget be?
  • How much revenue should a new VP Sales generate?
  • What’s my ROI on PPC ads?

Calculator Features

  • Drag & drop calculator creation
  • Embed on landing pages & directly into blog posts
  • Gate calculator results to get more leads
  • Send each visitors’ results to your CRM
  • See the data users enter and use it understand to your leads better


Engage & teach your audience with fun assessments & quizzes while growing your bottom line.

Learn more about your audience with assessments like…

Which state should I live in? Are you a content marketing expert? What’s your demand gen IQ?
Assessment & Quiz Features Create & customize your quiz Embed on your landing page or blog post See the stats, see the responses Add a call to action link or form Send all the data to your sales team Track your new leads & revenue


Create live charts from Google Sheets, or your linked or uploaded CSV files in a few clicks.

Embed & share live charts that breakdown…

Average Salary for VP Marketing by State Top Benefit Offered by SF Tech Companies in 2015 Food Waste Breakdown by Country
Charts Features Import your spreadsheet or data feed Embed on your website Add call-to-actions to increase leads and traffic Gate multi-screen visualizations to get more leads Track views, leads, and engagement

We’re here to help you boost revenue

We’ll personally work with you one-on-one to help you double, triple, or maybe even 10X your revenue for the next 12 months. We’ll even do most of the heavy lifting for you… our interactive content specialists will help you brainstorm you first piece of content and optimize it for more revenue. And then every month, you and your Kuia specialist will go over what’s working and what’s not to see what we can do to make you more money.

Ready to make boost revenue?

Unforgettable content shouldn’t be hard to make.
You’re just 17 minutes away from content that generates more revenue.