How to Get Qualified Leads to Your Plastic Surgery Practice

When people need a plastic surgeon, their first action is to search online. Here’s how you can make sure your prospects can find your business.

Well Optimized Landing Pages

When people arrive at your website via search, the page they land on is the landing page. A landing page is like having a top salesperson working for your business. All great landing pages have several features in common, including:

A Prominent Call to Action

Calls to action (CTA) tell your visitors what to do next. The CTA should be the only action on the page your visitor can take. You don’t want them clicking on a link which takes them away from your message and your business.

Tell Your Visitors Why They Need Your Business

A landing page needs to show your visitors why they need your plastic surgery. Tell them about your unique selling proposition (USP).

A good USP can be anything unique to your business. Some examples you could list include years of experience, using the most advanced equipment, or the latest techniques. Whatever makes your surgery practice stand out from the rest of the industry will make a great USP.

List Your Surgery Practice’s Features and Benefits

Visitors will want to know what will happen when they visit your surgery practice. They will also want to know about all the benefits you can provide. Ensure you tell them everything about how your business can transform their lives.

Show Testimonials

Testimonials are proof that you can do what you say you can. Text-based testimonials can work, but video testimonials are much more convincing. Visitors are also less likely to consider video testimonials as fake. Before and after videos or images will also go a long way to convincing your prospects, they should use you.

Make it Easy to Contact Your Business

Make it as easy as possible for your prospects to find you. Google maps make it easy to display your location on the page. Display your address, emails, and phone numbers.

Show an image of your business from the street. Doing this will make your surgery easier to identify when using GPS maps.

If the landing page is attached to a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, you could also create a dedicated contact page relaying all your contact information to your CRM system.

Paid Ads and PPC Campaigns

PPC refers to pay-per-click. You create an advertisement for your business which links to your landing page.

Choosing Optimal Keywords

Whether a PPC ad gets displayed or not will depend on the keywords, you use in your campaign. When someone searches for a keyword, ads which target those keywords are shown in the search results. When your ad goes live, and people click on it, the link will take them to your page, and you pay a small fee for each click.

As you can see, your landing page must convert visitors into paying customers. Paying for clicks without conversions will only drive up your advertising costs.

Set Your Goals

Goals help you measure how successful your campaigns have been. Consider what you want your ad to do. Do you want to generate more leads, build brand awareness, or increase your website traffic? Each goal will need a different strategy when designing the ads.

It would help if you asked yourself some marketing questions when developing a PPC campaign:

  • Do You Have Brand Awareness?
  • Do potential customers know about your business, or will you need to improve on visibility?

You will then need to separate your campaign into two different streams — one to build brand awareness, and the other to generate leads.

Analyze Your Competitors

Do your competitors have higher visibility in the marketplace? If so, what are they doing that you could also be doing?

Analyze Keywords

Keyword research is critical to creating effective PPC campaigns. Find out what keywords your customers are using to find plastic surgery practices. How do they research a cosmetic procedure? Find out what would compel them to choose your operation over a competitor.

When you know this information, you will be in an excellent position to word your ad so that it invites a click through to your landing page.

Research Your Demographic

You will achieve higher conversions when you get your message in front of interested prospects. Target your ads according to your keyword research.

You can even target your prospects based on what device they are using in your campaign. If you know most of your audience is on mobile devices, then target that audience.

It would help if you also considered targeting your ads to an audience which lives within your surgeries sphere of influence. A listing on Google My Business may be an option for you in this regard.

A Google My Business listing will display your practice’s contact details, location via maps, opening hours, and list of services on the search results page.

Get Listed in the Right Directories

Online directories are an accessible resource for people to find relevant businesses. Make sure you have a prominent listing in as many as possible.

A few good candidates to consider are,

Websites, Blogs, and SEO

Websites are essential to all businesses today. Most people won’t consider visiting a company until they have reviewed the website. A blog attached to a site can also be an important marketing tool.

Websites with updated blogs are more likely to gain rankings in the search engines. You can also create blog posts to target different keywords to expand your market reach.

Capture Email Addresses

Most visitors will not convert on their first visit. Rather than losing them for good, you can encourage your visitors to provide an email address.

Being able to contact your prospects with the latest news will help you build a relationship. Your visitors could also use email to request more information, schedule a visit, or download educational material.

Educate with Infographics

Most of your visitors won’t understand medical terms. An infographic is an eye-catching way to educate your visitors using images without technical jargon.

In-Person Marketing

With all the focus on digital marketing, it’s easy to forget about the personal touch.

Hosting events and networking will help you connect with your prospects at a personal level. Provide incentives for clients to refer friends and family to your plastic surgery practice. You could also hold seminars to teach prospects about what happens during surgery, and how it can improve their lives.

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