Make an Interactive Calculator in Minutes

Help website visitors work out a particular scenario by entering information about themselves or their business. Then take their input and use a formula to show results.

It’s easy to create calculators that help your visitors calculter…

    • Marketing ROI
    • How much should they spend on PPC ads?
    • How much can they save with a project management tool?
    • Is it better to rent or buy?


Calculator Features

    • Add call to action form
    • Add a call to action button
    • Gate the calculator results – will only show results after visitors enter their contact information
    • Add input fields or pre-defined ranges to calculator
    • Send Visitors’ calculator results to your marketing automation or CRM tool in real-time
    • Visitors’ calculator results can be used for lead scoring, emails, and more
    • See what data users entered. Use info to understand your prospects and audience and score leads.
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