Content Marketing Built for Healthcare Organizations

Leads are okay, Qualified Leads are better


Whether your company offers products and services to other healthcare organizations or provides services directly to healthcare patients, informed and well qualified leads are vital to ensure revenue growth.

Kuia specializes in creating effective high performance content that drives qualified leads to your sales pipeline and increases your company’s revenue.


We’ll create quality evergreen content that drives customer growth and increases sales .

  • Blog & Article Content
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Product Landing Page Copy
  • Interactive Assessment & Quizzes

Our team of Content Marketing Specialists work one-on-one with you to understand your goals,  learn about your target customers, and create a plan to identify your KPIs and achieve success.



— Research

We use your customer and prospect personas, comb through data to research exactly what has and has not worked for you, and look at what your competitors are doing to find the gaps we need to make stand out content. 

Even if you already have an idea of the content you want, your Kuia team will work with you to ensure it’s executed perfectly.



— Strategize

Creating engaging content is fine, but making sure your content is built to meet your goals and matches your brand is better. 

We don’t just make your content and send you on your way. We make sure your content is properly placed on your website, SEO friendly, and ready for social shares.


— Create

This is when our expert content marketing team does what they do best… creating your content!

What’s even better is that there’s nothing for you to do. Our process is detailed, transparent, and thorough to ensure every piece of content meets or exceeds the quality you’re expecting.


— A/B Test

Once your content is created and published  we start tracking the KPIs for your campaign.

We measure your content’s analytics to create A/B tests that will help us squeeze more revenue, qualified leads, and social shares. 


— Optimize

We then iterate and improve the content based on the metrics and insights discovered from the A/B tests.


— Repeat

Now that we’ve learned what works, we will plan and create more content to drive your business goals. 

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